Garden Progress

So far so good! On Tuesday I had from the time I woke up until about noon to go outside and play in the dirt. After sweating my hiney off for an hour-ish, the Big Guy came out to help!  : )

He pounded the 8ft 1x2's into the ground for me so I could hang the netting for the pole beans. We fixed the netting across the open area to use as a gate of sorts to keep the dogs out of the garden and so we can take it down entirely when we need to get things to the very back (like the branches that fall so we can take them back to the burn pile).

We added lots of compost to one of the middle beds for the tomatoes. After I turned it a bit using a pitchfork, I grabbed the flat of Cherokee Purple tomatoes and started digging. The Big Guy seen me and came to help me with that too!  : )  We ended up planting 64 of them in that bed (bed #5), 2 per hole. There's also enough room on each side in that bed (they are planted in 5 rows down the middle of the bed) to plant a scattering of leaf lettuces, mustard greens or swiss chard. Yum!

After the tomatoes were done, I figured, why not, and planted the beans. : )  Since the netting is down the center of the bed, I planted on both sides. Into the ground went 10 HUGE Di Spagna Climbing Snap Beans; a bunch of Scarlet Runner Beans and a whole lot of Louisiana Purple Podded Pole Beans. 

Today, I was playing out in the rain. Managed to get 30 Dwarf Sugar Gery Snow Peas & 255 Laxton Progress Peas planted before it was raining too bad. 

Once the rain stops, I'll get out there and take some photos so you can follow all my *hard* work. : ) LOL!

Was also thinking of having another page on here to document what's been planted and keep track of everything that is harvested as well. I think it's an easy way for me to keep track of how much I can grow in my small space.


Before and After Blog Hop Thursday 10/28/10

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For today's Before and After with Pixel Perfect, I decided to attempt to work on a photo of my son with hubby's cat. This cat it a royal pain!UGG! He's fixed but he still sprays on EVERYTHING! It's disgusting. He's 11 yrs old and has been doing that his entire life... 

Anyhooo, I wanted the photo in color, but I just couldn't get it to come out "right". My son (thanks to his father and his side of the family) has very dark rings under his eyes (it's an Italian thing I'm told)... No matter what I did to the photo, it still looked like he had 2 black eyes. So, I finally started playing around with it in black and white and came up with a look I finally (only kinda) liked. 

 Enjoy your day! And remember to smile. :)


Guess What I Got Done?

Zip! Zilch! Zero!

I did not get a single thing done in regards to the garden today! UGGG!

With my Intro to Computer Programming class being right in the middle of the day, I really don't have a very large block of time. Oh well... Next semester is going to be even worse! I cannot register for classes until the 11th, but I took a peek at the schedules anyhow. I'm going to have to physically go to the campus 4 times a week! Yuck! Oh well. I've got to do, what I've got to do. I'm just not too keen on having to drive 30-45 minutes each way (depending on traffic and red lights) for a class that lasts 75 minutes. The class time is almost equal to the drive time... 

With that said, I'm so tossed up regarding a business... It's really not a good time of year to start anything with the holidays right around the corner. I'm a sucker for decorating over the top each and every year for Christmas. I just cannot help myself. Once I start, I just keep right on decorating. :)

Yes, I'm extremely scattered today and probably should not be typing, but here I am! LOL

Black & White Wednesday 10/27/10

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Black and White Wednesdays with The Long Road to China

I was playing around in the kitchen today, taking lots of pictures of the beautifully colored produce that we have been provided with. While going through them yesterday, I came across the photo I used for today and thought of how perfect it would be in black and white! So here it is. I hope you like the edit as much as I do! :

Enjoy your day! :)

Wordless Wednesday 10/27/10

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And onto Wordless Wednesday.

Enjoy your day! :)


Watery Wednesday 10/27/10

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And now for Watery Wednesday!

My photo was taken right by our home on Florida's Gulf Coast. We are given some spectacular views!

Enjoy your day! :)

LOTS of Garden Work...

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Oh the garden woes I have... For those of you who don't know, Florida gardening is completely bass ackwards from the rest of the world. We have to be careful with what we plant during the summer time because there are many varieties of veggies out there that cannot stand our extreme combination of high heat and high humidity. While the plants themselves may live, IF they flower in the heat, the humidity causes the pollen to be sticky and therefore the few flowers that are there, very rarely produce fruit. With that said, our main growing season is coming upon us down here very quickly!

More quickly than I care to admit...

I have managed to get some seeds started. I trayed up an entire flat (11 spaces across by 23 rows = 253 potential seedlings per tray) of Cherokee Purple Tomatoes about 3 weeks ago. They are looking good!

Good enough to plant in the garden!!! 

The problem? My garden... Let's see, to try to put this in perspective before I show you, I haven't weeded the garden area in, ummmm, let's say 3, maybe 4, MONTHS!?!

This is not a sight for the faint of heart. Or lover of all things organized and orderly. 

PST ~ There IS a reason why I have pretty silvery frames around the pictures. To hopefully distract you from the photos themselves...

Buried in the spent plants, weeds and dead tall grasses, on the left side of the photo, in front of the green poles, there are 5 baby fruit bushes. Hmmm. I wonder which ones I planted there?... Oh, and there are about 75 strawberry plants lining that inside edge of the bricks all the way to the left to the fence line. Yup, you guessed it! They're buried under all the spend plants also. *sigh*

That tall patch of green at the bottom left of the base of the palm tree, that's my patch of Asparagus that was planted in March of this year. So, come March, we will be having our first micro harvest of fresh asparagus. YUM!
Those green posts that you may be able to see on the left side of the photo, those held up my deer fencing that I used to keep the stupid, I mean dumb, big dog out. Well, I guess she finally figured out that she can just PLOW right through it, rip it to shreds, and pull the poles out of the ground by dragging it along with her as she strolls around! UGGGG!!!

You can see one of the Bee Hives sitting back there, ready for a new bee family come spring. :)
We already have a hive, if you look at the photo below closely, you can kinda see it behind the tree and next to the pot on the left side of the photo.

All of the basil was in that first bed right in the center on the right as well as that far bed lining the fence. If you look closely, you can see the browned dried stalks that are loaded with dried seed pods ready for me to gather up and replant. There were multiple varieties of Basil: Lime, Lemon, Thai, Sweet, Lettuce Leaf, Tiny Leaf and a couple of others... DANG! It's no fun getting old and forgetful!
Thank goodness I have everything written down with a diagram of which plants were where.
Now, if I could only find it...

The bed on the right against the wall of our shop storage room, well, that started out as a compost pile. Then I got a package in the mail with sweet potato starts that I completely forgotten I ordered... So ~ guess what's in that "bed"? Yup! Sweet potatoes.
They did wonderfully! Well, the vines did anyhooo. They sure were tasty. :) Yes, you can eat the leaves of a Sweet Potato vine. They are quite good! Specially tossed into a hot frying pan with a touch of olive oil and a couple heads of crushed/chopped garlic for a moment, just long enough to wilt. Then served up with a pat of butter. YUM!
Oh yea, the sweet potatoes themselves. Well, I haven't harvested them yet. I've been waiting, letting them grow bigger and fatter in the ground until we get a frost threat. ROFL!!! Hmmm, it maybe a couple of months before I can tell you how the sweet potatoes themselves are. I planted 12 starts and I'm really curious to know how well they performed.

For those of you who are wondering, the beds are a LOT deeper than they appear. They were dug down about a foot and half from the ground level. At first the beds were level with the ground. They become built up over time and I added the wood and bricks to keep the soil contained. It appears that I'm probably going to have to add another layer of wood or bricks soon. Maybe not this season, but before the next for sure.

I'm hoping to have time tomorrow to get out there (IF it's not like today was in reaching around 93*!!!) and finish pulling the spent plants in the middle bed that's in front of the asparagus bed, as well as the bed along the far back fence line so that I can add some more compost and the Cherokee Purple Tomato seedlings...

We'll see... :)