Garden Progress

So far so good! On Tuesday I had from the time I woke up until about noon to go outside and play in the dirt. After sweating my hiney off for an hour-ish, the Big Guy came out to help!  : )

He pounded the 8ft 1x2's into the ground for me so I could hang the netting for the pole beans. We fixed the netting across the open area to use as a gate of sorts to keep the dogs out of the garden and so we can take it down entirely when we need to get things to the very back (like the branches that fall so we can take them back to the burn pile).

We added lots of compost to one of the middle beds for the tomatoes. After I turned it a bit using a pitchfork, I grabbed the flat of Cherokee Purple tomatoes and started digging. The Big Guy seen me and came to help me with that too!  : )  We ended up planting 64 of them in that bed (bed #5), 2 per hole. There's also enough room on each side in that bed (they are planted in 5 rows down the middle of the bed) to plant a scattering of leaf lettuces, mustard greens or swiss chard. Yum!

After the tomatoes were done, I figured, why not, and planted the beans. : )  Since the netting is down the center of the bed, I planted on both sides. Into the ground went 10 HUGE Di Spagna Climbing Snap Beans; a bunch of Scarlet Runner Beans and a whole lot of Louisiana Purple Podded Pole Beans. 

Today, I was playing out in the rain. Managed to get 30 Dwarf Sugar Gery Snow Peas & 255 Laxton Progress Peas planted before it was raining too bad. 

Once the rain stops, I'll get out there and take some photos so you can follow all my *hard* work. : ) LOL!

Was also thinking of having another page on here to document what's been planted and keep track of everything that is harvested as well. I think it's an easy way for me to keep track of how much I can grow in my small space.