Busy, Busy, Busy

Things have been a bit hectic here between getting ready for school for the kids (both in high school) and myself, as well as work and trying to get things going on the property.

What has been done on the property? Hmmmm, the lawn was mowed... Yep, that's it! lol It actually took one of those small tractors and close to 5 hours to finish the yard. The weeds and grass was almost 2' deep! It was just a tad overgrown.

I had to go to the college financial aid the other day to ensure that everything was fine and I am good to go... Well, no one in that office ever answers the phone. Nor do they respond to emails. Nor do they make appointments... I was in that office for close to 4 hours to speak with them for less than 5 minutes. Yep, that seems reasonable to me. UGGG I wanted to pull my hair out! But, at least everything is straightened out and I'm good to go and my financial aid has been applied to my bill. :)

Today, after I work this morning, I have to race the kids over to the high school for open house, which seems like it's going to be an all day event. NiNi's grade level, 10th, has open house from 10:30am-noon and Tif's grade level, 11th, is from 1:30-2:30pm. I guess in between we'll go and get some nasty fast food lunch or something. Yuck! Hmmm, I wonder if I can pull off a picnic at this late time with no time to get anything ready. I really have no desire to spend around $20 for fast food.

Enjoy your day everyone!

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