Tomorrow is the BIG day!

Tomorrow morning my kids hop on the bus at 7:07am to take them to high school. NiNi's in 10th grade and Tif's in 11th.Then after a brief intermission of peace and quiet of back to school first morning hecticness, it's time for me to get myself ready for my first day of back to school!

Yes, I'm off to college. Again.

While in high school I was in dual enrollment and went for cosmetology (that I never did anything with). A few years after graduating from high school, I went for an AA in accounting (that I did very little with ~ but hey ~ I now do lots of peoples taxes! lol). Now, I'm going again. This time for Computer Programming and Analysis. Lucky for me I get to take 4 classes from home online, which works out great for things for me to do while I'm sitting here at home having a quiet work day. I do have to go to campus for one class though because it is not offered online. Unfortunately, the campus is about an hour drive each way from home and I have to go twice a week.

Is anyone in your family going back to school this year? Share with us!

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