Endless Possibilities...

Now comes the task of planning out all that space! While it is going to be a difficult task, it is one that I am looking forward to. Time spent pouring over my extensive seed collection to figure out what I have to plant. More time spent pouring over all the seed catalogs that get mailed to my home. And lots and lots of graph paper for the planning of the layout of the land and where I want everything to go.

These things I am definitely going to have: a couple of chicken tractors for meat chickens, a chicken coop for egg laying chickens, some ducks or guinea to free range on the entire property to help with the bug population, 8 or 10 bee hives, and a couple of goats will wrap up the animals. Although I'm still considering meat rabbits...

In regards to the garden, I'm pondering how much space to give to specialty garlic varieties. After I get the spacing figured out, I can decide how many different varieties to plant. Also, I wonder how much space I would need for an asparagus patch that is big enough to keep us in asparagus for dinner at least one night a week...

Hopefully, I'll figure out a very inexpensive way to get a shallow 8-10" pond in the ground somewhere. I would like to grow water chestnuts to sell fresh to specialty markets. Not to mention, enough to can for myself. I sure do enjoy spinach dip! Yum!

Of course I wouldn't forget the "typical" stuff like heirloom tomatoes, specialty hot peppers and hard to find fruits. All organic, all local.

On a side note, I'm also considering starting a nursery on part of the property to sell edible plants directly to consumers. We'll see about that though. That idea still needs a lot of thought and planning if it is going to become a reality.

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