Volunteer Plant

I started out with 3 banana plants about 4 months ago... They are in very large pots on my front patio at home. For some reason, first one died, then another. The third is going strong growing from that tiny little 4" plant to close to 3' tall now! Strangely enough, right after one of the plants died, about a week later I found a thick stemmed plant shooting up. It seemed to grow out of no-where!

Now, being the inquisitive person that I am, I wanted to know what it was, so I let it be. Didn't water it. Didn't touch it. Nothing. I found the 3" seedling just under a month ago. The leaves did look familiar, and today I confirmed my suspicions. It is a Tomatillo plant!

I attempted to grow 25 of these buggars in the back garden last spring. For some reason, they flowered but never fruited. This single plant out front, it loaded with husks!!! YAY!!!

I found this little guy climbing all over the plant. No clue what it is, but I figured I'd leave it alone as well.

Sitting at my desk, I glanced out my window to see the water droplets shimmering in the early morning sun on the remaining banana plant and just had to snap a picture. Enjoy!

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