The Blank Canvas

Photos of the property as the old renters left it... Dead trees, vines growing up and into the siding of the mobile home, grass and weeds waist high, yep, lots of fun!
The view down the "driveway" to the road.
The view to the right of the driveway.
The front of the mobile home.
View to the right of the mobile home.
View to the left of the mobile home.
View to the far left of the mobile home. Look at all that green grass!
View around the left side of the mobile home and of the shed in the distance. Look at how high the grass and weeds are!!! The weeds near the window of the mobile home are close to 3' high, if not taller!!!
And boy, are those weeds thick!!! Yikes!
Beyond the shed. The fence line is approximately 20' past the tree line in the background.
Another view of the back complete with the dead tree right next to the shed that we have to remove.
Yes, it is quite a task on our hands to get the place to a starting point for our adventure. I hope you stick around for the ride! It looks like it will be an interesting one.

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