Before and After Blog Hop Thursday 10/28/10

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For today's Before and After with Pixel Perfect, I decided to attempt to work on a photo of my son with hubby's cat. This cat it a royal pain!UGG! He's fixed but he still sprays on EVERYTHING! It's disgusting. He's 11 yrs old and has been doing that his entire life... 

Anyhooo, I wanted the photo in color, but I just couldn't get it to come out "right". My son (thanks to his father and his side of the family) has very dark rings under his eyes (it's an Italian thing I'm told)... No matter what I did to the photo, it still looked like he had 2 black eyes. So, I finally started playing around with it in black and white and came up with a look I finally (only kinda) liked. 

 Enjoy your day! And remember to smile. :)