New plans...

Unfortunately, we are not going to be able to "farm" on the acre of property. Due to the economy, we are forced to rent out the mobile home and property at this time... Oh well...

On a positive note, I still have the tiny yard to garden in. Time to crunch the figures and figure out how many plants and varieties I can grow this season.

The space that I have to grow in is 32' x 20'. I practice intensive / condensed gardening and all organic. I still have 1 1/2 beds to figure out, but so far here are the totals:
     * cauliflower - 10 heads
     * cabbage - 32 heads of a Chinese variety
     * peas - 44 of a "bush" type that needs no staking
     * yard long green beans - 40
     * broccoli - 46 heads
     * Swiss chard - 61
     * peas - 83 of a climbing variety
     * lettuce - 50 bunches of a leaf variety
     * Brussels sprouts - 24
     * lettuce - 15 heads of iceburg
     * mustard greens - 44
     * spinach - 44
     * tomato - 28 cherokee purple
     * turnips
     * rutabage
     * tomatoes - 50 other plants, varieties are dependent on which seed sprouts do the best

I'm not sure at this time, what varieties of each I'm planting.

Between trying to sort out this hick-up in our growing plans, along with school and work, things have been a bit on the hectic side. Just a bit. lol

Oh, did I forget to mention Melody's Morsels? Yep, I'm also expanding my business. I'm scheduled for an upcoming arts & craft show on the 23rd in New Port Richey, the Pumpkin FEST on Main Street. Check it out! I'm just getting started on the blog, and setting up the Etsy and Artfire store, but I'm hoping to have the stores up and ready to go by the 23rd. Keep your fingers crossed!

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