Guess What I Got Done?

Zip! Zilch! Zero!

I did not get a single thing done in regards to the garden today! UGGG!

With my Intro to Computer Programming class being right in the middle of the day, I really don't have a very large block of time. Oh well... Next semester is going to be even worse! I cannot register for classes until the 11th, but I took a peek at the schedules anyhow. I'm going to have to physically go to the campus 4 times a week! Yuck! Oh well. I've got to do, what I've got to do. I'm just not too keen on having to drive 30-45 minutes each way (depending on traffic and red lights) for a class that lasts 75 minutes. The class time is almost equal to the drive time... 

With that said, I'm so tossed up regarding a business... It's really not a good time of year to start anything with the holidays right around the corner. I'm a sucker for decorating over the top each and every year for Christmas. I just cannot help myself. Once I start, I just keep right on decorating. :)

Yes, I'm extremely scattered today and probably should not be typing, but here I am! LOL