Camera Critter Saturday 10/23/10

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On to Camera Critter Saturday.

Looking out the back window a couple of days ago, these little guys were flying all around all over the place! I had to go out there with the camera and snap a couple (or 30ish). This one is one of my favorite close ups.

Enjoy your day!


  1. I love that shot. It looks like somthing out of a scifi flick, District 9 maybe?

  2. I voted!

    Great shot! I love the colors and how perfet you got one when it landed on the bright blue rope!

  3. Nice shot of the posing mini-beast.

  4. Wow you're so lucky to capture that, I have been trying to photograph a dragon fly but I don't have a luck hehehe.

    Hungry Birds

  5. that's beautiful!
    you captured detail yet also made it artistic

  6. Beautiful. you perfectly captured the dragon fly through your lens. You are good and quick


  7. Lovely capture. Pretty dragonfly.

    By the way, I voted you.

    Have a great Sunday.

  8. Very nice! Fingers crossed on the job thing. :0) One survivor to another. :) HUGS!

  9. That is a truly great capture. So close and so perfect.

    Erika B

  10. Funny. I have a picture just like this taken out on the laundry line that a friend left up in my back yard. I like yours better.


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