Before and After Blog Hop Thursday

I'm really enjoying these photo blog hops! The photos are all so beautiful! Some are very touching as well.

Today is the Before/After Blog Hop with Pixel Perfect. If you haven't checked out Monica's work yet, you really must. Her photos are stunning.

My photo this week is just a photo of a flower that I took yesterday and was practicing on having a single item in color with the rest black and white. In no way did I edit the color of the flower, yes they are that bright and beautiful! Each open flower is only about 1/2" at it's widest point.

This is my SOOC shot taken with my Canon PowerShot S3IS.

This is my edited version for today. I enjoy playing around in Photoshop CS3. That is my program of choice for editing photos for myself and in designing websites.

I love the way the color of the flower is so bright and just pops out at you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Have a great day everyone and remember to smile!!!


  1. I really like your crop on this one, and how you rotated it! Nice job!

  2. Lovely! That's one technique I've been wanting to try myself! :)

  3. really nice, I like the way you desaturated the rest of the photo and flipped it!

  4. Wow...what a transformation. Just gorgeous!


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