Thank goodness it's over!

This past week has been an absolute nightmare! While I did not end up putting in as many hours at work as I had planned, I ended up with a stomach bug. It's kinda hard to work when you're expected to be on the phone to take calls and you in the bathroom every 15-30mins... Not fun! I'm feeling much better this afternoon though. :) Yesterday I think I was awake for a total of 5, maybe 6 hours!

Time for me to get caught up on everything. My school work, while not ahead, at least I'm caught up at the moment, which is a very good thing.

My daughters prom is coming up soon. Or maybe it's homecoming. lol! I've been feeling so bad, I'm not 100% on which it is. This is what I do know, there's a big dance coming up in the middle of October. And in my sick stupor, we did manage to get to Joann's craft store while they were having their $0.99 pattern sale for all Butterick patterns. SWEET! She picked out a pattern, but there's going to be alterations made to it. We're making the white one. But not in white. The colors haven't been picked out yet. In my sick stupor, I believe she said something about a blue polka dot?!? That's exactly why we didn't get material that day.

1) she wants a BIG waist bow in front added, like this one from TROPHY Clothing out of Denver
2) she wants it just above the knee length 
3) she wants the skirt gathered and attached at random spots like this "Modern Gallica" skirt from Anthropologie

So, while I have a pattern to go by, I kinda don't. lol

Onto the garden/farm. I have not had a chance to do jack-squat! Hubby did manage to pick up a really nice ride on lawn tractor for $100. It does need a bit of work though. I went to get him for dinner the day we bought it, he looked so cute covered from head to toe in grease! He had it standing up on end working on the underside of it. I'm lucky I caught me one that actually knows how to work on things and make them to work when he's done! LOL!

I did, however, manage to start a full tray of Cherokee Purple organic heirloom tomato seeds. A full tray. That's 231 tomato seeds. Sometime this evening or tomorrow, I've got to get a full tray of Creole tomato seeds planted up as well. I'm not sure what else... I'm actually kinda debating the Creole's. I'm thinking I may go with a different variety simple because the Creole's do excellent in this horrid Florida heat and humidity that I may want to save them to start in Spring time. I don't know...

Oh, I forgot to mention, the volunteer tomatillo plant that was doing so well in the large planter out front, it kicked the bucket after almost a week with not a drop of rain... Yup, you guess it, I forgot to water it at all... Oh well. I've got to get out there and pick all those little fruits off and see if there's any in those paper husks. I'll let you know what I find.

What have you all been up to?

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