Whole Living Daily Challenge

This is something new I'm starting. Whole Living has a Daily Challenge that they send to your email every day. It's called Whole Living Daily Challenge. Look in the left column, it's under the heading "Today's Challenge".It is something to help you live a "fuller" life by challenging you to different things. I figured I might as well share my challenge here with you all. Plus, it will help to keep me focused. :)

Today's challenge is: Learn three new words today; for a boost, sign up for Word of the Day at wordthink.com.

While I'm not going to sign up for the Word of the Day (I already get too many emails to keep up with), I am going to learn 3 new words today. How do I know this? Because I have vocabulary words that are due for my Introduction to Software Development class that I need to finish. Later on, I'll share those with you. :)

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