We went back out to the formerly rental property yesterday. I cannot believe how high the grass and weeds are already!?! YIKES! I'm wondering if goats will be able to keep the grass down or if I should be thinking sheep instead... On the positive side of thinking, the soil should not need too much, if any thing, added to it, to get it up to par for veggie growing. And no, I'm not talking about garbage like miracle grow or any other non-organic garbage like that. I was thinking that we were going to have to have truck loads of compost and stuff dumped to make the soil good for growing.

I was highly disturbed though by what we found when we were out there... The old tenants were out there again!!! Now, keep in mind, they moved out about 3 months ago!!! We have a big burn pile on the back of the property. I guess they decided that they could just add to it! On top of that, there's a shed on the property, we stuck all the stuff that they left in the mobile out there and locked it up when they left. They unscrewed the hinge to get around the lock and took SOME of their stuff... I know that it wasn't someone looking for stuff to steal, because they left some expensive stuff out there and took some stuff that I was going to toss into a dumpster soon.

We really need to finish the fence and get a dog... Hmmm, maybe I'll look into one of those invisible fences so I don't have to worry about the dog going over the fence when we're not there.

On another note, after thinking about the laying chickens I'll have out there, I'm considering how to change half of the shed into a coop with a little flap door leading outside into a run/pen for them. For the meat chickens I really like the chicken tractors that Jessie's hubby from Rurally Screwed made for theirs.

I have got to get some tomato seeds started if we're going to have a tomato patch out there. Yes, you read that right, a tomato patch. lol

Time for me to say bye for now. I'm working for 10hrs today, plus I have a ton of school work that needs to get finished up so I can turn it in on time. I hope you all have a great day! Remember, SMILE!  : )

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