Macro Mondays

In my latest blog hopping, I stumbled across Lisa's Chaos. I love her blog and photos!!! I also noticed she's hosting a Macro Monday Blog Hop. Guess what? I decided to jump in.


While out in my "garden" here at home, that is basically weeds that are waist high from our non-growing time of summer, I stumbled across this guy!!! At first he scared me half to death! Then, when I realized that he wasn't going to move, after I kept nudging the basil plant that he is perched on with the weed wacker, I ran inside to get my camera. Guess what? He was still there. Shocker I know. lol

Now, just so you can appreciate this guys size, those leaves are about 2.5" long!!! Yes, this guy is a whopper!


  1. what a big guy!
    but i like the photo!

  2. Yikes! That's big! I'm kind of glad you posted this in black and white, maybe it's a little less creepy this way!


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