It's Macro Friday! YAY!

I just love playing around with macro shots. The camera I use all the time is hubby's. He did buy me one, that is "nicer" than his, but guess what? I don't think it takes better macro shots, even though it's 10mp's and his is only 6. Soooo, I "traded" with him. :)

Onto to today's Macro Friday with Laura from Blogging From Bolivia. She takes stunning photos. I specially love the contrast photos and macro shots she takes. Check it out. Heck, why not join in? Come on ~ It's FUN!

Onto my photo for Macro Friday. I took this photo yesterday while wandering around outside with the camera. I'm giving you a before and after. Why? When I've shown only my edited photos, I've had some people ask to see the before photo. So, why not?  : )


I completely desaturated the green from the leaves in the background, added some more blues to make the center pop a bit, and brought on the sunshine. :)
A Canon PowerShot S3IS was my weapon of choice and PS CS3 my destruction tool.

Thanks for stopping by and remember to SMILE!


  1. gorgeous....Love the sooc too!!!!

  2. This is beautiful! I love the wee bit of sunflare!!

  3. very very pretty, like what you did in photoshop too

  4. Very pretty flower :) Nice macro

  5. I'm a total sucker for a good sun flare. I love it! Very nice!

  6. Lovely! Great job editing, too!

  7. I love this - I still don't utilize my photoshop enough - still at the very amateur learning stage. I love the way you've made the centre of the flower pop.


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