Holy Cow!!!

Sorry for the disappearing act. Work is sooo swamped that they allowed any and all overtime AND are giving incentives of $ 75 per day that an employee works for at least an 8hr shift!!! YOWZA! So, with that said, I'm putting in 54.25 hours this week and am currently scheduled for 45.75 hours for next week. I can't afford to NOT take advantage of that! That's not mentioning my college work that is starting to get behind a bit... Nothing like pulling serious overtime as well as an overtime full schedule at college!?! I've got 5 classes this semester. Fun times! ROFL!!!

Speaking of college classes, I have off from work from now until 7pm and TONS of school work to get caught up on. So, I'm outta here for the time being. Maybe if work is a bit on the slow side tonight, I'll pop back and update more on the farm and life going-ons.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far! Remember to smile! : )

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