Black & White Wednesdays

I stumbled across a wonderful blog about a family at The Long Road to China.The stories - touching, the photos, stunning! Anyhooo, Lisa hosts Black & White Wednesdays and I've decided to join them. This will be my first linking up with them.

I snapped a photo of this little guy perched on a stray branch of a bush cherry plant. I snapped many at the time, just to ensure I got at least one that I liked. When I first seen this on the computer screen, I immediately imagined what it would look like in black and white reversed. So, I played around with it in PS CS3 and here's the result. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

I'm outta here. I'm working for 30 more minutes then I'm off to school for my Intro to Software Development class. Enjoy your day everyone and remember to smile!   : )


  1. Welcome! Great capture - have the hardest time catching a still dragonfly.

  2. that's a great edit!

  3. Interesting! I'd also like to see it with the black and white not reversed! You know, to compare! :)

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